Previous News from 2016 - 2023
BMDCR held its Annual Awards Banquet on January 24th. Dogs who earned titles 2015 or had special accomplishments were honored. The clubs highest honor, the Kathy Roth Award, for service to the club and the breed, was awarded to Sandy Dunaway.Also this year, all BMDCR member dogs who have achieved the Grand Master Draft Dog Title were specially honored: Valerie Horney's Kuza and Roger, Elaine Witulski's Carly, Alice Clark's Dash, and Pam and Barry Solomon's Smokey and Watson.

BMDCR held its Spring Draft Tests on April 23 & 24, 2016 in Black Forest, Colorado, at the home of Tests Chairman Patti Davieau. Thank you Patti! And Thank you to our judges Steve Dudley and Fred Helmbold.

Berners and Berner Peeps enjoyed the BMDCR annual summer party, BernerFiesta! on June 12, 2016 at Pine Valley Ranch Park.  We had a BBQ, streams and a lake to play in, hiking, massage and a nosework demo. Thanks to everyone who helped organize and attended.
The BMDCR Draft Clinic on July 24th was a huge success!! Many new draft teams got off to a great start. MANY THANKS to host and organizer Patti Davieau and to all the draft judges and club members who volunteered.
The BMDCR 2016 Independent Specialty was held on September 9th at Island Grove Park in Greeley, CO. Congratulations to all the winners and big thanks to all the entrants and volunteers!
Everyone had a Yabba Dabba Do Time at our Fall Draft Tests on October 8 & 9 in Longmont, Colorado! 
Thank you 
to all the
 club members and friends 
who worked 
very hard,
 and to all the exhibitors who joined us!
Club members and their Berners marched in the Golden Christmas Parade on December 10th. Draft carts, Berners and people were all decked out in festive holiday decor! 
Congratulations to Laura Haupenthal & Al Beers, winners of the Kathy Roth Award!

This award, named in honor of one of the club's founders, is given annually at the BMDCR awards banquet. The award honors service to the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of the Rockies and love and dedication to the breed

Thank you Laura & Al for all that you do.
Click on images for event results.
Berner Noel at the Golden Old Town Parade! 
December 9, 2017

BMDCR held its Annual Awards Banquet on January 2nd. Dogs who earned titles or had special accomplishments in 2017 were honored.7. The clubs highest honor, the Kathy Roth Award, for service to the club and the breed, was awarded to Patty Wellinger.

Congratulations to all!

Photo by Jill Byers

The BMDCR Spring Draft Tests "Pawpourri of Berners" on May 19th and 20th were a great success! Thank you judges volunteers, hosts, and teams! We're glad everyone had a great time!                                                 
Photos by Barb & Keith

The 2018 BMDCR Independent Specialty Shows "Bernermania" were truly FABulous! With 333 show entries and an overfull draft test, it was a record-breaking event!
It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!
BMDCR members participated in the Golden, CO Christmas parade on December 1st and brought smiles to many faces.
The BMDCR held its annual awards banquet on January 27. Congratulations to the many club members / BMD teams who achieved so much in 2018! Special congratulations to Barb LeTourneau, recipient of the club's highest honor, the Kathy Roth Award. 
Watch the BMDCR 2018 in Review video created by Melissa Olson and presented at the awards banquet on our Facebook page (visitor post by Melissa Olson on January 28) or DIRECT LINK
The BMDCR held a Draft Match and Spring Draft Tests April 19-21, 2019 at Johnny Roberts Memorial Park in Arvada, Colorado.
Thank you entrants and congratulations to all who passed and earned titles. We appreciate Chairman Holly Foster, Secretary Marcia Zuger, Judges Patti Davieau and Mary Alice Eschweiler, as well as all our volunteers.                     Photos by Barb LeTourneau
The weather cooperated with a beautiful, non-sizzling summer day in Black Forest, Colorado on July 21, 2019 for the BMDCR Draft Clinic with BernerFiesta! Welcome new draft teams! Thank you volunteer trainers, hosts and cooks.                        Photos by Katka Cviklova & Sharon Keefer
Our Fall 2019 Draft Tests were held on October 12 & 13. Than you to Chairman Patti Davieau and Secretary Beth Dennehy or organizing another great weekend of draft tests at Patti's house in Black Forest, Colorado.
The BMDCR Annual Awards Brunch was held on January 26, 2020. Among the many, many accomplishments of our member dogs celebrated, we had FIVE Grand Master Draft Dogs in 2019! among many, many other titles!

Another annual tradition is to honor a club member with the Kathy Roth Award. This award is given to a member who has contributed significantly to the club and its goals. Congratulations to Teresa Dominguez our 2020 Kathy Roth Award winner! Teresa does a wonderful job as our newsletter editor. Her hard work and dedication not only keeps members informed, but helps create a sense of community.

Don't miss the
2019 Year in Review 
slide show created by Melissa & Carl Olson!
Team BMDCR at the AHBA herding trial at Hachita Farms. Left to right: Sharon Montville and Jade got their JHD with two beautiful runs, Barbara LeTourneau and Zanna got their HCT, Sara Nashem Karl and Minnie got one leg of their JHD and Anna Lee and Finn got their HCT. Not pictured is Margaret Jezek and Mangus who got a leg on his HCT. Great weather and fun day!

We wish you and yours a safe, healthy, happy new year!

Photo by Barb LeTourneau

Our Zoom meeting and awards celebration on January 24, 2021 featured: 

Kudos to all member dogs who achieved new titles and accomplishments in 2020

Announcement of the 2020 ​Kathy Roth Award winner, Candy McDanal

BMDCR 2020 Year in Review, a slide show prepared by Melissa and Karl Olson. Melissa stated "It's ALWAYS a pleasure to put this together for the annual meeting of the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of the Rockies. I'm AMAZED at the things we all were able to accomplish in 2020! Thanks to everyone that contributed pictures of their dogs doing all the things that an intentionally bred Bernese Mountain dog SHOULD do! ❤ "

Watch BMDCR 2020 Year in Review

On April 16-18, 2021 BMDCR-hosted Farm Dog Certifications and Draft Tests and Colorado Springtime Snow, Oh My! 
The 2021 BMDCA National Specialty was held in Estes Park, Colorado May 9-15 and hosted by the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of the Rockies, the Grand Canyon State Bernese Mountain Dog Club, the Heartland Bernese Mountain Dog Club, and the Lone Star Bernese Mountain Dog Club. Many, many volunteers worked hard over the 4 prior years and at the event to make this Specialty amazing! Many thanks to Show Chair Alice Clark and Show Co-Chair Dottie Schulte. 

See all the photos shared on the 2021 BMDCA National SpecialtyTrailhead on Facebook 
Draft Among the Vines
Congratulations to all the Bernese Mountain Dog club member teams honored by BMDCR in January for their achievements in 2021.The Kathy Roth Award was  given much deservedly to long-time member and volunteer, Joanna Hughes. Among the many dogs who achieved new titles, were 6 new Grand Master Draft Dogs (of 11 in the whole county):  Stihl and Meme with Yoshi Peterson, Stigen with Margarget Jezek, Cliff with Valerie Horney, Brokaw with Lori Kennedy, and Dice with Kim Giannone.

President's Message ~ January 2023 

As I start a two year term as president, I want to start by thanking Sara Karl for her leadership as president over the past 4 years. As well, thank Patti Davieau for serving as VP for the past three years. With Patti’s resignation, Holly Foster will step into the VP role for the remaining year of the term. I appreciate her for taking on this Board position. And of course, I thank Board members Jill Byers and Pam Solomon for accepting another 2 year commitment and to Nancy Fusilier and Marti Simons for continuing on the Board. And the Board welcomes Becky Shuris as a new member.

Because I wanted to familiarize myself with what I was stepping into, I looked over  the past years’ issues of the Messenger. 
And found we, as a club, have had numerous  achievements in 2022!

* Two draft tests (spring and fall)                                        * Farm dog test in April
* Three day regional specialty in October                          * Tracking seminar in August
* CGC test in conjunction with Bernerfiesta in July        * Eye clinic in August

We added seven new members and our Rescue committee continued to be busy with both accepting dogs into our program, giving advice to owners who were considering rescue due to behavior issues and then donating money to Heart of Michigan rescue to help with expenses with an influx of dogs due to the changing economy.

We had so many significant accomplishments this past year. These took a tremendous amount
of volunteer time and I thank everyone who participated in planning and putting on our events
as well as those who served as BMDCR committee chairs and members. In addition, I put out a
plea for members to please continue volunteering and invite others to join in. Participation as a
volunteer for any BMDCR activity is a fabulous opportunity to meet fellow BMD lovers as well
 as make friends who have common canine interests. See the Volunteers Needed section in this
 month’s Bulletin or contact any committee chair (a complete list is on the BMDCR website).

Our club is very active and ambitious for sure! I am excited to attend the awards banquet to
hear the list of dogs and titles earned in 2022 as I am certain it will be impressive. I look 
forward to working with our talented Board, BMDCR committee chair people as well as club
 members to continue the successes of our club. 
Dottie Schulte
BMDCR President
Colorado's snowy weather gave us a sunny break for our annual awards banquet on January 22, 2023. Congratulations to all who attended to celebrate another year of accomplishments for BMDCR and for our beloved Berners. Thank you to Lori Kennedy for arranging a lovely banquet, and congratulations to all who teamed with their BMDs in 2022 to achieve new titles. Special honor went to Beth Dennehy who received the Kathy Roth Award for excellent service to the club and the breed.

I want to take an opportunity to brag on our members many accomplishments at the BMDCA National Specialty, April 2-9, 2023! The list is extensive as we have a very ambitious and talented group. I think someone from our club represented our club at every event. It is no wonder that I did not see some of you all week. I put a list together a "brag list" for our members. I double checked results but, because there are so many accomplishments, I may have missed a few. Also, forgive any misspellings or errors in "Q's" or placements. And feel free to add anything that I have missed (especially if you earned a new title!). No omissions or errors were done intentionally.
A groovy time was had by all! 

Dottie Schulte, BMDCR President

BMDCR 2023
 Spring Draft Tests
 and Herding Trial
BMDCR Rescue
September 2023
Daisy is located in Denver and adopter must be willing to travel to pick her up.
I’m Daisy, an active 14 month old spayed female Bernese Mountain Dog. I am housebroken, do not get on the furniture, do not counter surf, and chew only on my toys. I will share my toys with other dogs, and I’m not food aggressive. I have a sweet temperament, but I’m pretty busy… I like to learn new things and think I would be very good at obedience, draft, or agility work. (At least I’d like to give it a try!) I know how to sit and lie down on command, and can wait at the door before going through. I am learning to walk on a leash now. I love playing tag with other dogs and being active in the yard. I never jump the 18 inch fence into the vegetable garden… That would be naughty. I am looking for an active family who could exercise my body and my mind, preferably close to Denver. If you think you might be that family or person, please contact my foster mom, Holly, at Or fill out an application for adopting a rescue dog at