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Bernese Mountain Dog Club of the Rockies


BMDCR Rescue Chairman

Amanda Wilson Brazeal


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  • There is a fair possibility we do. Unfortunately, our rescue program has had to grow dramatically over the last few years due to the growth of puppy mill activity.

  • On average, we place about 20 dogs a year.

  • The BMDCR has placed dogs in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana. The club actively searches for dogs in our region of responsibility that includes the states of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Wyoming. If you do not live in one of these four states, you may still fill out a rescue application but the likelihood of receiving a BMDCR rescue is extremely remote. Instead, you should contact a club closer to you. See the list of other BMD clubs. 

  • Our adoption fee varies by age of the dog. This fee is used to cover costs and can vary, but is generally less than the price of a dog from a breeder. The dog may be examined by a vet if necessary, all shots will be brought up to date, and we will spay/neuter if not already done. Any detected or suspected health problems will be checked out and treated if possible.

  • We keep a list of potential adopters. The dogs are not placed on a first-come, first-served basis, but rather as a best match to an adoptive home that will be the best place for the dog. We have lots of potential adopters and with so few dogs a year, the wait can be long. 

  • Please update your information every six months. After that, we will be less likely to contact you with a potential adoption. 

  • It is not likely.

  • Pounds, shelter, surrenders directly to us by the owners, even just plain lost or abandoned. 

  • No. All Berners placed through the BMDCR rescue program are spayed or neutered prior to release to the adoptive home. 

  • Sorry, no. We collect whatever information on the dog that we can and pass all of it on to the potential adopters so that they can make an informed decision. But no one can foretell the future. If the adoption does not work out, you are required to surrender the dog back to the BMDCR rescue program. 

  • Surprisingly well. Even ones from good homes that were surrendered to us have re-attached to their new families. It takes love and patience for all of them to overcome whatever baggage they have. So far, they have all done well. 

  • Sometimes we get papers on surrendered Berners and gladly pass them on to adopters. It is helpful for health history. If the new owner wants to participate in AKC events, they can apply for an ILP number for the dog. The dog is then allowed to join in all AKC events other than Conformation like any registered dog. 

  • The BMDCR rescue group only places pure bred Bernese Mountain Dogs. However, we keep a list of potential homes that would also consider a BMD mix and if we locate a mix, we notify those homes of the dogs location and they may adopt the mix directly from the current owner or shelter. You may indicate your interest in a mix on the application.

  • Call Amanda Wilson Brazeal at 970-213-2315 if you have a dog that you need to surrender. This number is for surrenders and for reporting dogs in shelters/pounds. 

  • Click the appropriate form link located on this page to access the adoption and foster applications (helpful tip - save the form to your desktop before filling it out, then save again once you have it completed before you email as an attachment). 

The BMDCR Rescue Program FAQ

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