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Bernese Mountain Dog Club of the Rockies

BMDCR 2023 Spring Draft Tests and Herding Trial

I want to take an opportunity to brag on our members many accomplishments at the BMDCA National Specialty, April 2-9, 2023! The list is extensive as we have a very ambitious and talented group. I think someone from our club represented our club at every event. It is no wonder that I did not see some of you all week. I put a list together a "brag list" for our members. I double checked results but, because there are so many accomplishments, I may have missed a few. Also, forgive any misspellings or errors in "Q's" or placements. And feel free to add anything that I have missed (especially if you earned a new title!). No omissions or errors were done intentionally.

A groovy time was had by all! 

Dottie Schulte, BMDCR President

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